Punt Open July 8/9th 2017

Norfolk Punt Club – Punt Open Event Saturday 8th July / Sunday 9th July 2017


Last weekend saw a great couple of days of British sport at its best, including both British men and women progressing into the second week of Wimbledon, the British Lions drawing their test series against New Zealand, our English Cricketers leading against South Africa, British rowers winning in the World Championships in Lucerne and many of the best sailors of the county’s own unique sailing craft, the Norfolk Punt, taking part in the Norfolk Punt Club’s Punt Open on the beautiful Barton Broad.


The warm sunshine and an ever-changing breeze, in both strength and direction, provided both a challenge for those setting the course and the competitors alike. Unlike any good British sporting weekend the rain stayed away, although threatening clouds gathered late on Sunday afternoon after the series of 5 races had been completed.

All three types of Norfolk Punts took part in this annual Open event. Two ‘traditional’ boats, Decoy and Gamecock, sailed by Bill and Alison Glover and Val and Neville Khambatta respectively took to the water, and while they may have been the oldest boats on the water, built in the mid 1930s, they proved that age is no barrier to competitiveness. Alongside the traditional craft a strong contingent of modern ‘hardchine’ punts, many from Hickling Broad Sailing Club, took part. The ‘hardchine’ punt now form the core fleet within the punt class, all designed to strict class rules, ensuring even and competitive racing. Max and Felix Dixey sailed Jackdaw, one of the latest ‘Morrison’ designs of punt. With twin trapeze wires and full mast head asymmetric spinnaker Jackdaw made for a wonderful sight.

The weekend was one dominated by the skill and sail craft of Richard Whitefoot and James Jarvey sailing their hardchine punt, Comet. The pair were consistent in starting each race well, and settled into a commanding lead during the course of each of the five races throughout the weekend, which they converted into five race wins and eventual winners overall of the Ardea Trophy. Nine punts took part in the event and the battle for the minor places was very keenly fought. Wind shifts made for very interesting tactical battles. Two visiting boats from Hickling, Grebe sailed by Chris and Cliff Haslam and Redwing sailed by Rupert Redington and Steve McKay sparred throughout all five races with sailors from the host club. Chris and Cliff ultimately got the upper hand securing one second and four third places coming in second overall for the series. Val and Neville Khambatta sailing Gamecock, pipped Rupert and Steve securing third place overall for the series.


Race Results:

Race 1: 1st Comet (R Whitefoot), 2nd Gamecock (V Khambatta), 3rd Grebe (C Haslam)

Race 2: 1st Comet (R Whitefoot), 2nd Redwing (R Redington), 3rd Grebe (C Haslam)

Race 3: 1st Comet (R Whitefoot), 2nd Gamecock (V Khambatta), 3rd Grebe (C Haslam)

Race 4: 1st Comet (R Whitefoot), 2nd Redwing (R Redington), 3rd Grebe (C Haslam)

Race 5: 1st Comet (R Whitefoot), 2nd Grebe (C Haslam), 3rd Gamecock (V Khambatta)

Overall Series Result:

Ardea Trophy 1st Comet (Richard Whitefoot), 2nd Grebe (Chris Haslam), 3rd Gamecock (Val Khambatta)


River Cruiser Open Report 10/11th June 2017

Sun and wind were all part of the recipe for an exciting weekend’s sailing at Barton, though there was a tad too much wind for some, especially on Saturday with gusts up to 30 Knots and only marginally easier on Sunday.

Fifteen boats arrived at the pontoons for the briefing and the SSW direction made life easy for the OOD, setting a long beat to the Neatishead mark from the club rafts. All boats reefed and were shy of the line, which was not surprising under the conditions. Naturally with a long beat comes a long run to get back up the broad which gave rise to some challenging gybes. Sadly, the conditions made their mark and both Stellar helmed by Tim Frary and Amaryllis helmed by Chris Tuckett sustained damage in the first race reducing the fleet further as some, possibly wiser, helms decided to watch from the side lines and others retired while they were still intact!

Eight boats completed the first race and seven, the second race. The high winds definitely favoured the slower fleet which gradually gained on the faster boats which had started five minutes earlier. Both fleets kept very close together despite taking different lines.

It was all to play for in the last race between Richard Smith in Alchemy and Mark Elson in Sprite, but Mark held onto his lead with three points and a fourth, discard, over Richards five points with a third, discard.

Paul Howes in Melinda dominated the fast fleet chased closely by Anthony Landamore in Matilda, only two points behind.



Achievement Trophy:                       1 Melinda                  P. Howes

2 Matilda                   A. Landamore

3 Breeze                     C. Chettleburgh

Barton Broad Challenge Cup:        1 Sprite                      M. Elson

2 Alchemy                  R. Smith

3 Wanderer               T. Barker

White Horse Trophy                        1 Sprite

(Overall winner)                   2 Alchemy

3 Wanderer

Barton Bunny

Last Saturday (Easter Saturday) eight boats, with supporting OOD team,  rescue craft, terrific cakes and a goodly number of spectators participated in the first Barton Bunny Pursuit Race.  I have attached some pictures (including Jack Drew-Leventon’spicture of the winning boat Bittern 27 “Boomer” crossing the finishing line).

Congratulations to the winners: Leo Levine and John Atkinson; thanks for all the support and thanks to Max Dixey for coming up with the idea, organising the event and leading from the Officer’s box on the day.