Regatta 2019

The Club’s very special NPC Open Regatta, two days of socialising and sailing on Saturday 24/25th August followed by the Barton Broad Open Regatta on Bank Holiday Monday.  Please see details in the attached flyers.    Also the regatta entry form to print off and bring on the day (this saves you time completing it on the Entry Boat) or for the super-efficient please send in advance to Alex Craker. 

YBOD Open 15th and 16th June 2019 – Report

The NPC team set up for the YBOD Open Event on Barton on Saturday in bright sunshine and a light wind. By 2pm, however, there was more cloud and a freshening breeze for the thirteen starters. Flip Foulds in The Miller took the lead early in the first race from Chris Bunn in Fox and stayed in front until the finish. Chris won the other three races although he had to fight with Flip for the lead in races 2 and 4 and with Martin Thompson in Dingy Skipper in race 3. His start in race 4 was very finely judged: a hairs breadth further would have taken him over the line! 

The last three races were in squally conditions and a few entrants decided to stay on the pontoon and eat cake.  Those racing enjoyed a long beat along the length of the broad and a long run back in shifting winds. Positions changed frequently during the course of the races but, in the end, the Consortium Cup for overall winner went to Chris Bunn from Wroxham and the Whelpton Trophy for first Punt Club member, to Simon Daniels in Silver Blue. 

Photos can be found here

Crew Finder

Hello to anyone who has reached this page on the NPC website! 

The Communications group sub-committee have been asked to find a way to match free Helms with willing Crews, to allow for more members to get out on the water sailing… 

Our solution; A online form where you can post your interest, whether you’re looking for a crew or a helm and when, which boats you would ideally like to sail (no preference being an option) and a space to leave contact details for your respective helping hand to get in contact with you. 

The responses from these questionnaires are then automatically put into a spreadsheet where you can access information given by other people as to who they’re looking for. 

So! For this to work for you, Follow this step by step guide!

1) Click on this link to get into the responses spread sheet –

2) Have a look to see whether there are any people/ boats on there that you would like to sail with. 

3) If there is, then grab their contact details and get in touch! 

4) If there isn’t anything applicable already on the spreadsheet, then please fill in the form through this link – Google Form<>

5) From this point, you then wait until someone gets in contact with you! If someone gets into contact with you from the responses sheet, please log back into the responses spreadsheet and either STRIKETHROUGH the entry under your name, or COLOUR CODE IT RED, this will allow other people to not get into contact with you when you already have a respective pair of hands in your boat. If you’re looking for 2 crew, feel welcome to leave your entry up until both spaces have been filled! 

Hope this all works smoothly for you and Happy Sailing!

Barton Bunny 2019 results

Place, Helm, Crew, Boat name, Class, Sail No.

1 Simon Clayton, Rachel Clayton, Decoy, Punt, 40

2 Bruce Thompson,  Kedgy Gal, Bittern, 25

3 Alastair Drew, Mark Elson & Finn & Eleanor Elson & Henry & Emily Drew, Turnstone, Yeoman, 185

4 John Seeley, Alison Sawyer, Lilac Blue, YBOD, 139

5 Dick Roe, Kate Dulieu, Laser 2000, 21915

6 Fred Wickham, Emily Wickham and Ceri Zhaba, Wayfarer, 3045

7 Bart Sawyer, Roseanna Sawyer, Emma, Norfolk, 84

8 Phil Ollier, Liz Ollier, Tortoiseshell, YBOD, 21

9 Ruth Owen, James Owen & Robin Myerscough, Selene, YBOD, 75

10 Aaron Male, Clare & Seth Male, Monthelie, Yeoman, 16

11 Anne Friend, Alex Craker, Club Laser 2000, 21354

12 Bill Glover, Alison Glover, Club Yeoman, 119

13 Kyriel Fynn, Arc-en-ciel Topper, 22047

14 Felix Dixey, Melody 5, Contender, 491