Team Racing

23rd and 24th September 2017.

The Punt Club has been involved in Team Racing events. In fact we won the last match with Royal Thames Yacht Club, mainly thanks to the ex students who knew what they were doing.

Team racing is an exciting and sociable sailing format in which a team of sailors work together to try and establish an overall winning combination for their team over their opposition.  Team races are fast and furious and reward good starting, boat speed, boat handling, rules knowledge and team work skills.

One race typically lasts for about ten minutes but each team usually gets to do between 6 and 16 races during the weekend, with events often running several hundred races in total.   As well as being an exciting form of sailing in its own right, team racing helps to sharpen up many useful fleet racing skills, especially close boat on boat tactics and is also a great transitional step between fleet racing and match racing.

This is a weekend for us to start to learn the mysteries of Team Racing. It is a real art form and very different from normal racing. It would be great if Team Racing was something we could challenge other clubs to and make it a regular event.

Ruth Owen will lead this weekend (she is now an umpire for team racing) and it will take place in Yeomans.

We need 10 – 12  folk to make this work and we hope to borrow boats from Nancy Oldfield Trust.

There will be a cost of £30 per person to cover a donation to NOT and insuring the boats for this weekend.

Book this date, application form to follow.