Social Saturdays

2019 dates;

18th May, 22nd June, 13th July, 10th August, 28th September  

Put the dates in your diaries and try to come along. It is an excellent opportunity to bring family and friends to see if they would like to join the club. We need some of our existing members to join us and bring their boats out and some of the club boats will be available as well.

We sail for fun, maybe have some silly races, treasure hunts etc. It is an opportunity to try different boats, both keelboats and dinghies, with safety boat cover and with folk who will let you ‘have a go’. Weather permitting we will finish with a ‘bring your own food’ barbecue. It is an excellent opportunity to bring family and friends to introduce them to the Club. Hopefully the Teahut will also be open.

Some of the afternoons will follow Improver sailing in the morning and a water taxi will operate from the Staithe at 1.30 pm. returning at 5 pm. Or why not stay on for a ‘bring your own food’ BBQ which will be lit at 6pm. Water taxi back to the staithe when you need it.

Two Saturdays (18th May and 13th July) will also see Barton Bugs playing around in Oppies. Again a great opportunity to welcome their parents

The name sums it up, really. No racing but sailing for pleasure, rescue boat cover, tea and cake, great company and a barbecue in the evening. What more can you want!


This programme will be used for the majority of Sundays through the season. However, when there is an open event taking place, series 1 will be cancelled and racing will commence at 13.25 with Series 2. This will apply on Sundays: June 9th, June 16th & June 30th. There is a different programme on August 18th, following the Punt Championships, starting at 14.00.

There are two chances to have a tow or lift out to the pontoons, at 10.45am and 12.30pm, leaving from the club moorings beyond the BTAC Staithe, Barton Turf.

Fast Handicap races – for boats with Portsmouth Number under 1200

Slow Handicap races – for boats with Portsmouth Number 1200 & over

Series 1

11.30   Combined Allcomers               No handicap limit

Competing for  Stella Challenge Cup or  Watson trophy


Series 2

Combined Allcomers – 2 starts

13.25   Faster Boats                          Handicap  under 1200

13.30   Slower Boats                        Handicap 1200 and over

Competing for Flag Officers Tankards & Roberts Trophy (Allcomers less punts)

Series 3

14.30   YBODs

Competing for the Silver Blue Trophy

14.35   Faster Boats                          Handicap under 1200

Competing for Gun Cup / Pintail Challenge Cup / Hardchine Salver (Punts) / Wilson Tankard (Allcomers)

14.40   Slower Boats                           Handicap 1200 & Over

Competing for Virden Tankard (U14) or Wilson Tankard (Allcomers)


Series 4

Combined Allcomers- 2 starts

16.00   Faster Boats                          Handicap under 1200

Competing for Moonraker Trophy/Autumn Handicap Cup (Allcomers less Punts) / Brundall
Cup / Handicap Points (Punts)

16.05   Slower Boats                           Handicap 1200 & Over

Competing for Orange Tip Cup (U18)/ Wilson Tankard (18+)


Tuesday Evenings – 14th May to 6th Aug (inclusive)

The rescue boat leaves the staithe at 6:30 for those requiring a tow and racing commences at 7:00pm. Two races are held if weather conditions allow and hot drinks are available

Tuesday evening racing has been such a success that is it now the highlight of the week for the relatively small group that turn up without fail each week.
So why not come and join us for some wonderful evening racing.
These evenings are ideal for those who are building up confidence to race as the winds tend to be a little lighter than some Sundays. There are hot drinks and cookies or cake afterwards!

We will be organising a rota again this year for the duties

If you raced last year, John Seeley will be in touch to ask you to do one or maybe two duties during the 15 weeks to share out the responsibilities. If you are interested in joining you may also be asked to help out but as well as being a good grounding for starting to race, it will also be a good opportunity to practise OOD’s and rescue boat skills with someone to help you if you wish.


5.30 / 6.00 pmOOD and Rescue people to arrive to set course, put out buoys and put on the kettle.
OOD to bring out one pint of milk and biscuits if you wish.
Tea, coffee, soup or hot chocolate provided in tea hut.
6.15 pmRescue crew to go in ready for tow out.
6.30 pmTow out.
7.00 pmFirst race or two races back to back.

Hot drinks provided.

Please phone John Seeley to make your pledge for a Tuesday evening duty



Hello to anyone who has reached this page on the NPC website!

The Communications group sub-committee have been asked to find a way to match free Helms with willing Crews, to allow for more members to get out on the water sailing…

Our solution; A online form where you can post your interest, whether you’re looking for a crew or a helm and when, which boats you would ideally like to sail (no preference being an option) and a space to leave contact details for your respective helping hand to get in contact with you.

The responses from these questionnaires are then automatically put into a spreadsheet where you can access information given by other people as to who they’re looking for.

So! For this to work for you, Follow this step by step guide!

1) Click on this link to get into the responses spread sheet –

2) Have a look to see whether there are any people/ boats on there that you would like to sail with.

3) If there is, then grab their contact details and get in touch!

4) If there isn’t anything applicable already on the spreadsheet, then please fill in the form through this link – Google Form<>

5) From this point, you then wait until someone gets in contact with you! If someone gets into contact with you from the responses sheet, please log back into the responses spreadsheet and either STRIKETHROUGH the entry under your name, or COLOUR CODE IT RED, this will allow other people to not get into contact with you when you already have a respective pair of hands in your boat. If you’re looking for 2 crew, feel welcome to leave your entry up until both spaces have been filled!

Hope this all works smoothly for you and Happy Sailing!

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