Club boats terms and conditions


The Punt Club has a selection of Club Sailing Boats: currently a Yeoman, Laser 2000, 2 RS Feva XLs,  2 Laser 2000 (one with trapeze), 2 toppers, 2 x Oppies and a Laser (single handed adult). Members are very welcome to hire club boats for their own use, subject to safety qualifications and adherence to the conditions set out below.



1.1. No responsibility will be taken by Norfolk Punt Club for any loss or damage caused as a direct or indirect result of the use of the club boat including the failure of club equipment.

1.2. The hirer is responsible for checking that the club boat and related equipment hired is in safe working order before use.

1.3. The hirer must be 18 years or over and accepts full responsibility for the club boat until it is returned.

  1. SAFETY  

2.1. A personal flotation device (buoyancy aid) and appropriate clothing must be worn by all crew when sailing a club boat. In certain weather this may include waterproofs or a wetsuit at your discretion.

2.2. Club sailing boats should only be hired and sailed by members with appropriate skills, and hirers must take all reasonable steps to safeguard their own safety and that of any crew

2.3. For double hander boats only one crew member may be so qualified.

2.4. The club boat may only be sailed by a member under the age of 16 when a suitable safety boat is manned by a responsible adult and on the water. The responsible adult must be in attendance at all times, keep the junior member in view and ensure that an appropriate form of rescue is available at all times.

2.5. Before sailing, the hirer must be aware of the forecast weather conditions and take these into consideration. If in any doubt at all about the sailing conditions or forecast weather conditions, the hirer must not take a club boat on the water. If the forecast or actual wind is greater than force 5 [ 20 knots] the club boats shall not be used unless competing in a club supervised event.

2.6. Due care and attention must be paid to other users of the water and sailing must be in a safe and careful manner at all times.

2.7. The carrying capacity of the club boat is not to be exceeded. (See notes about each boat on the website.)

2.8. Club boats may not be taken to waters outside the environs of Barton Broad without the written permission of the committee.


3.1. Club boats can be hired by the day from 9.00am to club closing time (or dusk if no club sailing) 

3.2. Reservations – and payment – must be made in advance via the ” Club Boat Bookings ” located on the website.  

3.3. Members wishing to hire a club boat must ensure no prior booking exists on the Club Boat Booking Calendar online before requesting to take the boat out.

3.4. A charge by way of contribution towards club boat maintenance is payable by any member booking a club boat at the rate of £10 per day for all boats with the exception of the Optimists which are free to hire . Payment must be made at time of booking please, by BACS transfer (see details in the booking form)

3.5.  Club boats may not be available for hire during training days/sessions


Our Club Boats are well maintained and we would like to keep them usable for all to enjoy. Please help us by following these points:-

4.1. The hirer must properly rig, de-rig, clean and return the club boat in good order, ensuring all parts are packed away neatly and leave as found.

4.2.  Should the club boat be found to be faulty in any way during rigging prior to use, the boat shall not be taken out and the fault reported to Carol Watson by emailing

4.3. Equipment is not to be transferred between boats.

4.4. Any faults, loss or damage to the boat during usage must be reported to Carol Watson by email to

4.5. Members using club boats are responsible for the cost of repair to damage and replacement of loss occurring during the period of use other than fair wear and tear.

4.6. Where damage caused during the loan period is such that an insurance claim is required, the hirer will be required to pay the insurance excess, which is currently £100.00.