13th May 2018

race report for 13/05/18 from Dick Roe & Kate Dulieu.

A damp grey start to the day greeted both NPC sailors as well as participants of the Broads Authorities ‘Go Wild’ event at Barton on Sunday. A cool fickle breeze was blowing from somewhere between north and west and although the rain stopped the sun remained in hiding. First race of the day was a two boat affair over a sausage triangle course in the north end of the broad, with the Daniels YBOD Silver Blue eventually pulling clear of the Jenners Yarmouth OD Pimpernell. Race 2 after lunch was contested over a longer course utilising the whole broad by a mixture of YBODs, punts one Yeoman and the Yarmouth. The wind dropped to virtually nothing at one point with he classic punt Cavender of Slatter/Haines making the most of the available puffs of breeze to win on handicap from the Males Yeoman Monthele and the Robbins YBOD Small White. Returning to the north end of the broad the course for race 3 was re-laid twice as the breeze shifted from the north to the west and then back to the north-west again. The punts had their own start with Cavender beating Snark, while in the keelboat fleet the Daniels YBOD Silver Blue triumphed over the Robbins YBOD Small White and the Trappes-Lomax YBOD Coronet.With the wind still fickle for race 4 it was again a 2 boat affair with Punt Snark finishing first but being beaten on handicap by punt Cavender.