3rd June 2018

As anticipated last Sunday was a quiet day on the pontoons moored on Barton Broad as many Punt Club members battled the tides and winds in the Three Rivers Race.

However this didn’t detract from some very competitive racing and all 4 series were closely contested. Light winds and a sudden shift confused everyone, with a rapid change of course reset by Bill Glover to compensate, only to see a shift back to the original heading 20 minutes later.

Phil Roberts took the first race in the morning in YBOD Herald Moth ahead of the commodore Drew Wilton in his Norfolk Punt Merlin, with Paul Wilcox in his Yeoman coming in 3rd place.

For the afternoon series Bruce Thompson sailing Kedgy Gal (Bittern Class) came in first place on handicap, beating the Dixey brothers sailing Rushlight (Norfolk Punt), with Drew coming third in Merlin. Kedgy Gal also took the third series with the Dixeys being best of the Norfolk Punts in Rushlight and Robin Slatter taking third place in Norfolk Punt Cavander. In the final series the Norfolk Punts got their revenge on Bruce Thompsons Bittern and The Dixeys came in first, with Robin Slatter second and Drew Wilton third.

Thanks to Bill and Alison Glover for manning the Race box for the day.