22 July 2018


It was a very busy Saturday on the pontoon in the middle of beautiful Barton Broad, home of the Norfolk Punt Club, with 75 or more guests and members of the club celebrating the 100 birthday of Prawn, the oldest Norfolk Punt still sailing and her companion Golden Eye, a mere youngster at 90 years of age. A sail past of Vintage sailing craft including 5 Punts, white boats and cruisers was a spectacular sight as the sailed line astern across the width of the Broad. Several of the hire boats on the broad were seen to panic as the fleet of 17 craft all over 50 years of age bore down on them. It is pleasing to report that there were no mishaps. The party continued into the night and might explain the slightly lower attendance for Sunday racing.

In spite of the very warm weather the variable winds were, as usual, strong enough to allow interesting if frustrating racing on the biggest stretch of open water in the area, with all four series hotly contested. Drew Wilton in Merlin was the winner of the All Comers and fast handicap races taking the honours for the three races, with Prawn and Bill and Alison Glover recovering in time to win the Fast handicap, beating Merlin.

The White Boat fleet saw a good series of races with honours going to Fil Daniels in Silver Blue and  Phil and Liz Ollier second. Kath Mason took 3rd place in the Yare and Bure One Design in Cupido. Alan Davis maintained his perfect record by finishing at the back of the fleet.

All in All a great weekends sailing in glorious weather and in such beautiful surroundings.