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Punt Open – 11th & 12th July

Eight Punt Club members and one visitor from Hickling arrived at Barton on Saturday to a warm sunny day and a reasonable breeze swinging 90 degrees from NW to SW. By the third race the wind had swung to the East. On Sunday the weather was less kind. Colder, cloudier with the wind back to a shifty south westerly direction and variable speeds. The rain arrived later.

Every race had a different course to make life more interesting for the sailors.

The first race on Saturday saw Matthew and Freddie Scott in Woodpecker, sporting new sails get clean away to finish first on handicap followed by Simon Lomas Clarke and Rob Daniels in Swallow two. Bill and Alison Glover in the slower Prawn were third.

The second and third races saw Swallow two winning from Prawn and Woodpecker.

Sunday saw several capsizes in the more testing conditions. Swallow two continued to dominate winning race one from Woodpecker, joint third was shared by Neville and Val Khambatta in Gamecock and Brian Wilkins and crew in Shoveller.

The final race again saw Swallow two win from Woodpecker with Ben Sawyer and Tim Edmunds in Rhode Island Red Third after a weekend of fighting their spinnaker.


Overall the trophy was presented to Swallow two for a very convincing performance.

Second was Woodpecker and third Gamecock.

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Bittern Open 28th June

A small fleet of Bitterns lined up at the Norfolk Punt Club on Barton Broad with a south westerly wind varying in both speed and direction. In the first race the pace went from slow to fast and back to slow, John Atkinson scoring a convincing win. In persistent rain and light winds the second race belonged to John Ellis who came in two minutes ahead of anyone else. Later in the day the sky brightened and the wind rose. Bruce Thompson set off at a cracking pace, only to be baulked by a hire cruiser at the top mark which relegated him to the back of the fleet, from which he could not recover. John Atkinson capitalised on the confusion to secure the win and hence the trophy with John Ellis getting the runner’s-up prize.

Cruiser Open 13/14 June

13 crusers entered for the Cruiser Open at the Norfolk Punt Club this weekend. The weather was not ideal with rain and relatively light winds on Saturday followed by the eventual abandonment through total lack of wind, apart from the odd tormenting breaths, on Sunday.
The fleet was split 6/7 into two fleets. Depending where you were on the Broad the wind was either northerly or westerly! challenging the OOD to find a decent beat. Eventually with an Ant mouth start to Neatishead we managed two good beats, one to the west and the other, up the Broad to the North.
In the first race Mike Barnes was persuaded by his crew to take off for the top of the Broad before realising he had to go round the Neatishead mark first, an error which cost him dear, no thanks to the relatively light winds resulting in a short race to accommodate the slower fleet.
Chris Pank failed to dip the line in front of the fleet, and lost time returning to start and then proceeded to live dangerously, sailing outside the channel into shallow water and getting away with it!
Tom Moore in Pirate, made full use of their errors winning the first race, but only by one second in front of Anthony Landamore in Matilda, on corrected time. Glynn Howarth coming in third in Beth.
In the second race, Mike Barnes made up for his previous error, winning by a handsome margin and lifting the Achievement trophy ahead of Matilda and Colin Chettlebrugh in Breeze.
Tom Moore took the White Horse trophy followed by Madie, and Steve Seeney in Mischief and Glynn Howarth in Beth equal third. Tom Moore also took the Barton Broad Challenge cup ahead of Mischief and Beth.
Race 1       1 Tom Moore                   Pirate
                   2 Anthony Landamore    Matilda
                   3 Steve Seeney              Mischief
Race 2        1 Mike Barnes                Madie
                    2 Tom Moore                 Pirate
                   3= Steve Seeney            Mischief
                   3= Glynn Howarth          Beth
IMG_6884 IMG_6868 IMG_1056 IMG_1186

NPC at the Three Rivers

Norfolk Punt Club. 3 Rivers Race Team for 

Cancer Research UK in memory of Mark Sawyer.

Dear all,
A very special day (and night for some) and The Norfolk Punt Club at it’s very best.


Thank you so very much to all the boats and crew who took part. A splendid achievement. Read their notes, attached, to see how they all got on.
Also thank you to all the fund raisers, bucket shakers and very vocal supporters at all the available viewing points all along the course. Mightily appreciated.
And thank you to all friends and families who have supported the Team NPC in whatever way they could.
For a flavour of the day, see Robin Myerscough’s photos at

£3650.00 raised so far for Cancer Research UK with money still coming in.

The justgiving page is still open if you would like to donate.

NPC 3RR teams comments. doc

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White Boat Open 21/22nd June 2014

Bunn retains trophy but a close call with Carrington.


The Norfolk Punt Club (NPC) hosted their annual week-end event for the Consortium Cup together with a newly trophy donated by Ann Whelpton to be presented to the first boat overall from the host club.

There were 11 starters for all four races.   Saturday’s racing was a breezy but fickle wind, shifting NW – NE.   In the 12 o’clock Chris Bunn (Fox) took an early lead in front of Paul Carrington (Peacock) and Simon Daniels (Silver Blue) but Felicity Foulds (Copper Captain) fought hard to finish third behind the two leaders.

Before the second race, Bunn seemed to have trouble with his gaff and the sails not hoisted until the I minute bell but he was still first to the windward mark.   Cath Mason (Cupido), with local knowledge, tried the East gap by the island but it gave no advantage although Daniels also familiar with the Broad, used a good lift along the East shore to gain third place behind a repeat of the two dominant boats.

Sunday morning was too quiet for the 10.30 start and a postponement was followed by an uncertain North-easterly which hindered many on the line but Carrington used it to take an early lead.   Bunn and Foulds again worked their way through the fleet and, after a shortened course, finished second and third respectively but it was Carrington taking the honours and so throwing open the final race for the trophy.


By 12.30 the wind was still light and variable and more Easterly.   Foulds and Bunn in that order, shadowed each other for the first lap with Carrington always close in contention and needing specifically a first place to secure the trophy.   Knowing this, on the second lap downwind, Bunn luffed Carrington almost to the Western shore allowing others of the leading fleet through to the gybe mark.   Carrington, to his enormous credit, fought back through the fleet but only finishing third behind David Adler (Marsh Ringlet) and Peter Robbins (Small White). The latter consistently well up the fleet in all races and having profited from the Bunn / Carrington battle to secure the Ann Whelpton Trophy, narrowly beating Simon Daniels.


Final Results.


Consortium Cup.

1st.       Fox  (Cris Bunn)

2nd.      Peacock  (Paul Carrington)

3rd.       Copper Captain  (Felicity Foulds)



NPC Ann Whelpton Trophy.

1st.       Small White  (Peter Robbins)

2nd.      Silver Blue  (Simon Daniels)

Cruiser Open 14th & 15th June

What an amazing show of boats! 21 River Cruisers turned out for this year’s Cruiser Open Meeting at Barton this weekend, including ‘Maidie’, in her traditional rig, which has been noticeably absent for many years due to draught issues in the River Ant.

Though the weather started overcast, the sun did break through for some of Saturday but the odd bit of drizzle on Sunday didn’t dampen the enthusiasm. Unusually there was a constant Northerly wind straight down the broad for both days, just backing and veering by five to ten degrees, enough to change the advantage subtly during the races and sufficient strength for many of the boats needing to reef.

The fleet was split into two, with nine boats in the first fleet. Starting from the committee raft near the island gave a decent beat up to the top of the broad and a long run to the edge of Turkey Broad with a couple of reaches across the bottom of the Broad.

Richard Parker in ‘Starlight Lady’ 323 may have led the first fleet round the Broad but could only manage a third in the ‘Achievement trophy’ on handicap, behind Mike Barnes in ‘Maidie’ 52. Both being beaten by Anthony Landamore in ‘Matilda’ 300. The second fleet was reasonably close on the water given the range of boats. David Thompson in ‘Cordon Rouge’ 384 taking both the ‘White Horse Trophy’ and the ‘Barton Broad Challenge Trophy’, beating Brian Wilkins in ‘Catspaw’ 244 into second place Followed by Tom Dring sailing ‘Marlyn Ann’ 202.



Mid May Sailing

What about that for a weekends sailing! The Social Saturday was well attended with members and non members (wanting to try sailing) enjoying the sunny weather and light winds (perfect for finding out more about boats). Sailing on Sunday saw the same blue skies, but with more of a breeze. All in all, pretty perfectIMG_0918 IMG_0877

Go Wild at Barton

Thanks to all those members who kindly volunteered to man the Norfolk Punt Club stand at the Go Wild at Barton event (especially the Khambattas for loaning Gamecock).  Despite the abject weather we had lots of interest for our social saturdays and the club. Don’t forget the first social saturday is being held on the 17th May and is being run by Tim Edmunds.

Optimists for sale


For sale – Optimist

Fully equipped and ready to sail.  Polypropylene.  Ideal starter boat.  Offers above £400.

Please call Kevin Ovenden on 07765 883914



For sale – Optimist

Fully equipped and ready to sail.  Fibreglass.  Good racing specification.  Offers above £1,000.

Please call Kevin Ovenden on 07765 883914

New Instructors!

Well done to all the members who successfully passed their instructors course.

Caroline Dixey, Liz Chettleburgh, Mike Griffin, India Gill, & Tim Haines

I’m sure you will be taught by one of them soon!

IMG_1287 IMG_1301 IMG_1319 IMG_1313 IMG_1296 IMG_1284 IMG_1343