Informal Racing to restart on July 12th. Click for details.

Informal racing on Sunday afternoons in July and August will restart on July 12th weather permitting.. We envisage a 1330 and 1500 Allcomers race, subject to weather conditions and members wishing to participate. This is in line with what a number of local clubs are offering.

It is important to stress both that any racing can only take place subject to the detailed risk assessment which we have undertaken and in line with the principles set out by the RYA that all club activity should be ‘cautious and conservative’ and not in any way reflect badly on the organizing club.

The main points for members to bear in mind are as follows:

  • Racing will only be run if it is clear that the conditions allow it to take place safely. No racing will be run in windy conditions or marginal conditions.
  • Racing will be informal and not for trophies.
  • Racing can be offered for members only and boats may only be crewed by household groups or bubbles.
  • No one displaying symptoms or who is self-isolating may race.
  • Likewise safety boat crews and the OOD team will come from single households or bubbles.
  • Large gatherings continue to be prohibited and we must avoid groups of more than 6 congregating on any one pontoon. There should not be more than 30 people on the pontoons at all so members with motor boats are encouraged to moor off the pontoon and use these as a base. Social distancing must be maintained on the pontoon at all times. OODs will remind participants of these requirements.
  • The tea hut will remain closed.
  • No race may have more than 30 participants, so a second start ten minutes later would be needed on any day with high turnout.
  • All participation as racers, OODs or in safety boats will be at members’ risk and sensible steps should be taken to mitigate risk. For example dinghy sailors may consider masthead floats or extra buoyancy to be a wise precaution.
  • We need to maintain social distancing in the dinghy park as well; if your boat is there please leave sufficient time to get ready and allow others to clear the slip before you use it.
  • The detailed risk assessment mandates a number of changes to normal practices for signing in, results issue, buoy handling etc as well as the provision of PPE for use by safety boat crews in the event of the need to recover crew from the water. A detailed list of protocols will be provided to OODs and safety boat crew.
  • A WhatsApp group called Norfolk Punt Club has been set up to ease communication about whether racing is on for any Sunday and for interested families to offer their support as OODs or safety boat crew. It will also be helpful to the organisers on each day if you can let them know if you are thinking of turning up to race, preferably via the WhatsApp group. To join the group, please text Caroline Dixey on 07771535900 and she will add you to the group.

Members will be aware that the national situation in terms of public health, guidance and regulations may change rapidly either positively or negatively over the next weeks and months. NPC will obviously keep the national situation and our activities under review and respond to any changes as they are publicized.

It is hoped that this small amount of informal racing will be a fun and rewarding addition to social sailing and a welcome reminder of the normal programme we obviously intend to return to in 2021.

NPC Dinghy Park

A gentle reminder that you need to ask for and pay for a berth in the the club dinghy park before leaving your boat there.  Do this by completing the form available from the members’ area by clicking this link .  If you cannot access the form or have any queries then email Kate and Dick at  moorings at

Recently several unidentified boats have been left in the dinghy park whose owners we are trying to trace.  Some have been left in berths already allocated to other members.  So if you are the owner of one of these please get in touch.

Membership Secretary Email has Changed

Please note that the NPC membership secretary’s email (for Caroline Dixey) has changed  to memsec at