Following advice from the Government and the RYA and looking careful at the risk assessments etc we feel that it will be virtually impossible to run Junior Week or Bugs in a Covid19 secure way. It will be very difficult to have a full JW and impossible to keep to the socially distancing guidelines on the pontoons (even if that comes down to 1 metre). The RYA thinking is that training should only happen in single handers (unless they are family groups – very often we want to keep siblings apart not together!) and it should only be with experienced sailors that will not need any help rigging and not much rescuing.
That seems unfair on the rest of the juniors. There is also the issue of whether those juniors who come and stay with grandparents for the summer will be able to do so. I know the situation may change but I really need to let all our instructors and helpers know what is happening and I have already had a couple of cancellations and enquires.
I am sorry to disappoint your Juniors and I will be sending out some links and suggestions of things to do, if they can get afloat during the summer.
We will look to see if we can run some Saturdays in the autumn or next spring and will be planning Junior Week for 2021. Likewise we shall try and run a couple of sessions, as usual, for Bugs next season.

I am sorry to be posting this as Junior Week is one of the highlights of the Norfolk Punt Club year. Still staying safe is more important and there is always next year!