Members Survey

Over 90 members responded to the request to complete a survey set up by the Committee. The large number and consistency of responses give the Committee some real focus to act on the areas asked in the survey. 

The attached presentation shows a summary of responses.
Members survey analysis

At the first Committee meeting following the survey, the Committee initially agreed that the following should happen;
to investigate options on improving the toilets, the kontiki, seating and shelter at the Punt Club and to consider how to fund any agreed improvements. It is likely that a mixture of specific fundraising, grant applications and future subscriptions will be utilised.
Some improvement work can be carried out without major cost during the winter working parties, but a longer term infrastructure and equipment replacement and funding plan will be prepared by the Committee and presented at the 2016 fitting out supper.

The Committee will also consider how to increase the sailing turnout from current members as well as ways to increase new members and will be looking to increase the number of social events throughout the year.

This was the preliminary outcome of the results of the survey – due to the number of useful comments from members, we will continue to analyse the results and act thereon. 

The club will also continue to feed back to the members on a regular basis through the website, newsletters and gatherings.

AGM & Laying up supper

It is the Norfolk Punt Club AGM this coming Saturday starting at 7pm at the Neatishead New Victory Hall. Please do attend to find out the latest developments at the club.
Immediately after the AGM is the ‘laying up supper’.
Details of both were included in the recent newsletter sent to members, but please contact if you have any queries.

Bart’s Bash

Bart wins Norfolk Punt Club’s Bart’s Bash
A mixed fleet of Punts, YBODs, Lasers, Bitterns and a Wayfarer competed in the global Bart’s Bash race this Sunday on Barton Broad in a light westerly winds and warm sunshine. 19 boats took part in a closely fought race, sailed as a integral part of the Punt Club’s normal Sunday series. Bart Sawyer in his Laser, Ali Baba’s Camel, was third across the line behind two Hardchine Norfolk Punts sailed by Mike Griffin and Terry Vincent. However Bart overhauled the two punts on handicap with Mike and Terry forced in second and third place.
Barts Bash Result (NPC): 1st Bart Sawyer, 2nd Mike Griffin and 3rd Terry Vincent.
IMG_0759 IMG_0754
Fleet at Club Champs Sat.  Poto by Robin Myerscough

Punt Championships – 22nd & 23rd August

A perfect F2-3 and warm sunshine greeted the 17 Norfolk Punts who took to the beautiful Barton Broad at the start of their Championships on 22 August. 4 were from Hickling Broad Sailing Club, the rest from the host club, the Norfolk Punt Club. There was a good mixture of the different Punts; the slower and older Traditional, Hard Chine and the newest and fastest Morrisons. The event was run by an experienced team under the veteran Championships race officer, Mark Luckhurst, aided by an army of volunteers who were kept on their toes, initially marshalling holiday traffic but as the wind increased over the weekend, standing by the capsized boats, and eventually rescuing and towing in the casualties. The wind on Saturday was from the south east, diagonally across the Broad, and a course was set to include two beats.


Race 1 was led from start to finish by the scratch team of Simon Clayton and Jack Drew-Leventon in a borrowed Morrison, Whooper. Although father and son team Tom and Will Scott in their Hard Chine Avocet reached the 1st mark close behind, they lost out by not flying a spinnaker and were overhauled by Tom’s brother Matthew, also crewed by his son, Freddie, in another Hard Chine Woodpecker. After a great beat and closing up on Whooper, a broken kicker saw Woodpecker heading towards the reeds. However after a swift jury rig they were soon back in business. The team of Bart Sawyer and Tim Edmunds in the Morrison Rhode Island Red demonstrated some excellent spinnaker work but was eventually overhauled by Hard Chine Rainbow Trout sailed by Terry Vincent and Nick Hunter. The venerable Neville Khambatta demonstrated excellent sailing in his Traditional Punt Gamecock with James Owen, coming second on handicap, with Woodpecker third.


By the beginning of Race 2 the wind had increased and swung further to the east, which would make the reaches tighter and more exciting. Bill and Alison Glover in the Traditional Prawn opted for a port start but couldn’t make it, hooking their mainsheet round the bow of Whooper and capsizing on the start line. Drew and daughter Lenska Wilton in their Morrison Merlin took an initial lead, followed by Avocet and Woodpecker. Three boats capsized during the first beat, including Merlin, leaving the spinnaker-less Avocet to take the lead. Gamecock’s rudder was pulled up by the bridle, resulting in a full inspection of the reeds, but being a double-ended boat she was able to make a return to the Broad fairly easily. By the 2nd round Avocet had taken a substantial lead. Woodpecker finished second and Rushlight, the Traditional Punt sailed by Hugh Marston and Caroline Dixey, finished third on handicap, also without the use of a spinnaker.


Race 3 saw precautions being taken against the fresher F3 which had now steadied. Prawn was now reefed and White Eagle, a Morrison with huge masthead spinnaker, helmed by Will Adler who had never even sailed a Punt until the day before, was now being sailed three-up. Although Woodpecker took an early lead, by the second windward mark she had been overtaken by Whooper. The Morrisons Merlin and White Eagle couldn’t catch Woodpecker, who won on handicap followed by Whooper, and Merlin finished third.


Sunday was blowing F4 with very strong gusts and erratic wind shifts. The general direction was more from the east, so a committee boat start was set at the south western end of the Broad. Whooper had the only false start of the series so had some catching up to do or her overall 2nd position might be in jeopardy. Some seconds after the start Neville Khambatta was heard to wisecrack to the committee boat “oh, is this the start line” as he finally crossed it. There were a few casualties with Prawn retiring due to the wind strength, White Eagle due to a broken gooseneck and Jackdaw due to a capsize resulting in brothers Max and Felix Dixey pulling the sailtrack off the mast after they jumped into the sail. Drew and Elske Wilton in Merlin had tied her spinnaker sheets up so as not to be tempted to use the sail on such short downwind legs; a wise decision mirrored by all the other crews. Merlin took an early lead but by the second round had been overhauled by Woodpecker. By taking the right hand side of a beat Merlin regained the lead which was held until the end. Woodpecker was close enough to win on handicap, with Whooper third. There was a big gap between these three boats and the rest of the pack, largely due to capsizes.



By the 5th and final race it was all to play for. Why do the strongest gusts always come through just before or at the start gun? This one was of huge proportions with all sorts of consequences and missed opportunities. The boat in the overall lead, Matthew Scott in Woodpecker was so caught by the gust that he couldn’t avoid brother Tom in Avocet who, once holed, promptly capsized with Woodpecker’s tiller through her shrouds. As Matthew tried to wriggle the tiller out to try and save his tiller and rudder from snapping, the only snap he heard, and felt, was his own rib. With Avocet sinking due to the huge hole in her buoyancy tank and Woodpecker limping back home with Matthew’s inability to hold onto the mainsheet, the path should have been clear for Simon and Jack in Whooper to take the trophy from Woodpecker if she won the race. However, a capsize 30 seconds before the start put paid to the opportunity handed her on a plate as she had a lot of catching up to do with a half full boat. The Wiltons in Merlin flew off the start line. Rhode Island Red had a go at lead for a while, closely followed by Rainbow Trout, but Merlin regained the lead for the rest of the race. Some savvy tacking by Rushlight, with Hugh Marston now crewed by Felix Dixey, gave her third place behind Merlin and Rhode Island Red. With the damage resulting from this and the previous race there were 5 non-starters and 4 non-finishers.


The spectators were enthralled by the exciting sailing over the whole weekend and each boat received rapturous applause as she crossed the line, none more so than 10 year old Elske Wilton in Merlin who demonstrated how fearless she was in such hairy conditions; thankfully her father’s build out on the trapeze counteracting her sleight frame. It was unanimously agreed that it had been a wonderful Punt Championships under slick and safe race management, in exhilarating, if at times nail-biting, Punt conditions.Fleet at Club Champs Sat.  Poto by Robin Myerscough Fleet at Club Champs Saturday.  Photo by Robin Myerscough Pre-start manoeuvres in blustery conditions on Sunday.  Photo by Robin Myerscough Fleet at Club Champs Sat.  Poto by Robin Myerscough Whooper is just about to maker her premature start.  Photo by Robin Myerscough Champions Matthew & Freddie Scott with Race Officer Mark Luckhurst and Commodore Fil Daniels.  Photo by Robin Myerscough Elske Wilton receives her prize for 1st lady crew from NPC Commodore Fil Daniels.  Photo by Robin Myerscough150822J21010150822J21016150822J2109820150822-_FTB688120150822-_FTB705920150823-_FTB712420150823-_FTB726620150823-_FTB7302150822J21114150822J21157

Overall results:


1     Woodpecker (Hard Chine)                                  Matthew & Freddie Scott

2     Whooper (Morrison)                                           Simon Clayton & Jack Drew-Leventon

3     Merlin (Morrison)                                                 Drew & Elske Wilton


Punt Championship Trophy:                                       Woodpecker – Matthew & Freddie Scott

Progress Cup (1st boat over the water)                    Whooper – Simon Clayton & Jack Drew-Leventon

Hard Chine Trophy (1st Hard Chine)                          Woodpecker – Matthew & Freddie Scott

Cuckoo Cup (Highest placed 18year old or under)   Freddie Scott

First Lady Helm or Crew                                           Elske Wilton

First Traditional Punt                                     Rushlight – Hugh Marston


Punt Open – 11th & 12th July

Eight Punt Club members and one visitor from Hickling arrived at Barton on Saturday to a warm sunny day and a reasonable breeze swinging 90 degrees from NW to SW. By the third race the wind had swung to the East. On Sunday the weather was less kind. Colder, cloudier with the wind back to a shifty south westerly direction and variable speeds. The rain arrived later.

Every race had a different course to make life more interesting for the sailors.

The first race on Saturday saw Matthew and Freddie Scott in Woodpecker, sporting new sails get clean away to finish first on handicap followed by Simon Lomas Clarke and Rob Daniels in Swallow two. Bill and Alison Glover in the slower Prawn were third.

The second and third races saw Swallow two winning from Prawn and Woodpecker.

Sunday saw several capsizes in the more testing conditions. Swallow two continued to dominate winning race one from Woodpecker, joint third was shared by Neville and Val Khambatta in Gamecock and Brian Wilkins and crew in Shoveller.

The final race again saw Swallow two win from Woodpecker with Ben Sawyer and Tim Edmunds in Rhode Island Red Third after a weekend of fighting their spinnaker.


Overall the trophy was presented to Swallow two for a very convincing performance.

Second was Woodpecker and third Gamecock.

19637514372_f8e1537887_k 19650764061_bf65d15098_k



Bittern Open 28th June

A small fleet of Bitterns lined up at the Norfolk Punt Club on Barton Broad with a south westerly wind varying in both speed and direction. In the first race the pace went from slow to fast and back to slow, John Atkinson scoring a convincing win. In persistent rain and light winds the second race belonged to John Ellis who came in two minutes ahead of anyone else. Later in the day the sky brightened and the wind rose. Bruce Thompson set off at a cracking pace, only to be baulked by a hire cruiser at the top mark which relegated him to the back of the fleet, from which he could not recover. John Atkinson capitalised on the confusion to secure the win and hence the trophy with John Ellis getting the runner’s-up prize.


Cruiser Open 13/14 June

13 crusers entered for the Cruiser Open at the Norfolk Punt Club this weekend. The weather was not ideal with rain and relatively light winds on Saturday followed by the eventual abandonment through total lack of wind, apart from the odd tormenting breaths, on Sunday.
The fleet was split 6/7 into two fleets. Depending where you were on the Broad the wind was either northerly or westerly! challenging the OOD to find a decent beat. Eventually with an Ant mouth start to Neatishead we managed two good beats, one to the west and the other, up the Broad to the North.
In the first race Mike Barnes was persuaded by his crew to take off for the top of the Broad before realising he had to go round the Neatishead mark first, an error which cost him dear, no thanks to the relatively light winds resulting in a short race to accommodate the slower fleet.
Chris Pank failed to dip the line in front of the fleet, and lost time returning to start and then proceeded to live dangerously, sailing outside the channel into shallow water and getting away with it!
Tom Moore in Pirate, made full use of their errors winning the first race, but only by one second in front of Anthony Landamore in Matilda, on corrected time. Glynn Howarth coming in third in Beth.
In the second race, Mike Barnes made up for his previous error, winning by a handsome margin and lifting the Achievement trophy ahead of Matilda and Colin Chettlebrugh in Breeze.
Tom Moore took the White Horse trophy followed by Madie, and Steve Seeney in Mischief and Glynn Howarth in Beth equal third. Tom Moore also took the Barton Broad Challenge cup ahead of Mischief and Beth.
Race 1       1 Tom Moore                   Pirate
                   2 Anthony Landamore    Matilda
                   3 Steve Seeney              Mischief
Race 2        1 Mike Barnes                Madie
                    2 Tom Moore                 Pirate
                   3= Steve Seeney            Mischief
                   3= Glynn Howarth          Beth
IMG_6884 IMG_6868 IMG_1056 IMG_1186

NPC at the Three Rivers

Norfolk Punt Club. 3 Rivers Race Team for 

Cancer Research UK in memory of Mark Sawyer.

Dear all,
A very special day (and night for some) and The Norfolk Punt Club at it’s very best.


Thank you so very much to all the boats and crew who took part. A splendid achievement. Read their notes, attached, to see how they all got on.
Also thank you to all the fund raisers, bucket shakers and very vocal supporters at all the available viewing points all along the course. Mightily appreciated.
And thank you to all friends and families who have supported the Team NPC in whatever way they could.
For a flavour of the day, see Robin Myerscough’s photos at

£3650.00 raised so far for Cancer Research UK with money still coming in.

The justgiving page is still open if you would like to donate.

NPC 3RR teams comments. doc

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Aviva Community Fund

The Norfolk Punt Club is attempting to gain funding from the Aviva community fund.

In obtain funding, the club needs to win enough votes from the general public, and this is where the club needs your help….

Go to and register and allocate your votes to the club. Then tell all your family and friends to do the same.

Our thanks to Liz C, without who the club would never have made it onto the shortlist of eligible projects.