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Sailing Instructions

Please ensure you have read and understood our updated Sailing Instructions.

Especially ensure you have read and understood the rules regarding the Dolphin mark, the Island (a fixed obstruction), personal floatation in dinghies and start lines.

The Barton Regatta committee wish for this event to be friendly and safe, so please ensure you are keeping yourself safe be reading and understanding these instructions.

We reserve the right to disqualify any individuals breaking the sailing instructions, or treating volunteer staff or other participants in an unacceptable way.

Please note that we have moved to a 5,4,1 minute start sequence, this is different to previous years, and usual NPC open events.

Additionally, could Split Start sailors please note that all split starts will be published with sail numbers written on whiteboards on both the NPC Pontoons and the Starting Raft (when being used). These will be published an hour before the first race in the series, and will not change after this point (any additional entries will be added where applicable). If you are unsure as to which start you will be in, please come to the pontoon and look/ask. Starting before your published start time will lead to immediate disqualification from your race.

Areas marked in Red are especially important as they are changes to previous years, or clarifications on previously questioned points.

To scroll through the pages on the below embedded document, please hover on the bottom left hand side. There are 5 pages.


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